Psychic Self Defence

A course for lightworkers, empaths and sensitive people who are open to the energies of others. Are you empathic and sense the feelings and needs of others as if they are your own? If you are ready for your empathy to be a gift rather than a curse, click SEE MORE to find out how.


Create your Golden Life

Create Your Golden Life is a course for heart-centered people ready to get out of stagnation and into their most fulfilling and passionate life. You can create your life rather than feel at the mercy of it using the resources you already have. To find out how, click SEE MORE.


Awaken with Ease

This is a monthly membership where you can receive energy alignments and tips for the ups and downs of the awakening journey. Each session addresses a different aspect of being human, such as confidence, life purpose, sensuality, conscious manifestation, love and more. Click SEE MORE to find out more


Meditation Portal

Access all of Afua Tiah’s YouTube videos right here within the member’s area. The majority of these meditations are 10-15 minutes. Take the time to boost your energy everyday.

Complete Energy Makeover Bonus

If you are motivated to create a positive shift within yourself, whether it’s your physical, emotional, spiritual, relationship health, your livelihood, or you want to make a shift within all of it, I will be honoured to be a guide on your journey.

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