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Psychic Self Defence

is for lightworkers, empaths and sensitive people

who tend to be open to the energies of others.

Does this sound familiar? 

  • Do you dread being in large groups of people – even if it’s just going to work?
  • You know you are going to feel drained and you’d rather avoid instead?


  • Do you feel called to help people – even when they are not asking for it?
  • It’s like you know what’s wrong before they even tell you?


  • Are you so exhausted at the end of the day that you don’t have time or energy for basic self care?
  • Does it feel like everyone is leaning on you, when you are the one who needs support?


  • When you don’t get enough space for yourself, does exhaustion turn to overwhelm, then to anxiousness and then to lack of motivation?


Empathic people sense the feelings and needs of others as if they are their own.

Sensitive people are keenly aware of the qualities of energies in their surroundings and of other people.

Being empathic and sensitive occurs within all people to varying degrees.

These are both beautiful and amazing gifts that stimulate compassion, healing and transformation.

Issues arise when empathic people take on other people’s emotional weight without even realizing it.   This often leads to chronic exhaustion, people-pleasing tendencies, and giving to others far more than they are receiving.

Sensitive people can become so overstimulated that it’s difficult to process all of the information coming in.  This can lead to feelings of anxiety, paralysis, depression and burnout.


Being empathic and sensitive isn’t the problem.  Not understanding how your energetic body works and interacts with others and your surroundings is the problem. 

From an energetic perspective, you may have many energetic cords that are draining energy away from your field.

You may have opened up your energy field to help everyone else fill their cup from your energy.

The emotional blur you may be experiencing is likely everyone else’s “stuff” blocking your clarity and flow.


When you see how you interact energetically with your reality, you can use tools and strategies that strengthen your energy field.

You can use your intuitive gifts while remaining in your center. 


Are you ready to step out of this cycle of overwhelm, exhaustion and stuck-ness?

Do you want your sensitivity and empathy to be gifts rather than a curse?


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Psychic Self Defence

How to Shine your Light without being drained.

If you have strong empathic or sensitive tendencies chances are you are a helper, a healer, an artist, a caregiver, a space-holder and/or a creator.

You can sense balance versus imbalance in your very core.

You have great gifts to offer those around you, but you will first have to establish your energetic boundaries.


In this course, you will learn:

  • What’s going on in your energy field when you can take on others’ energies
  • Why you take on others’ energies
  • Practical short-term strategies to reinforce your energy field
  • Long-term strategies to maintain your boundaries
  • Tools to cleanse and energize your energy field


why this CoursE?

I created this course because myself, many of my friends and the majority of my client’s had/are suffering from empath’s/sensitive’s syndrome.

This mean’s allowing the ability to sense what’s going on for others to push and pull one’s energy field to such a degree that it chronically affects their physical, mental and emotional well being.

I designed this course based on practices that I’ve acquired over 16 years of practicing energy therapy.

Your desire to help others is noble, but in order to truly help them you have to center yourself first.

You deserve to take the time and energy you need to nourish yourself.  Rather than being exhausted at the end of the day, imagine having the energy for things that nourish and bring you passion.  When you do, you will be your best self. You will be more effective in all that you do.

You are more than worth it!

Course Content:


  • Welcome Video

Module 1 – How do we perceive and receive energy?

  • Empath/Intuitive Senses
  • Energy Body/Empathy as a Teacher
  • Why can’t you let it go?

Module 2 – Psychic Self Defence Strategies

  • Cleanse/Strengthen
  • Reinforce/Shield

Module 3 – Cord Release

  • Cord Release Process

Course Materials:

Psychic Self Defence Reminder .pdf
This is a beautiful reminder sheet of strategies you can use to strengthen your field. You can print it out and have it handy for those times when you need a helpful reminder.

Recharge and Ground 11 minute downloadable Meditation

You will be guided to call on the grounding and strength of a magnificent tree. This is a daily meditation is designed to recharge your energy field and reinforce your natural energetic protection before starting your day.

More about the Course:

This is a free-form course, meaning you can jump from lesson to lesson and come back to each as you wish. It also has lifetime access, meaning that once you sign up, you will have access as long as this website is available and will include any bonus material added.


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