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Manifesting Gold is a course for heart-centered people ready to get out of stagnation and into their most fulfilling and passionate life. Whether you want to attract or heal a relationship, create a fulfilling livelihood, have more time, freedom or energy, this course will teach you how to bring your heart’s desires into your reality.

You will learn:

  • How you are creating your life in default mode instead of consciously
  • How to get out of limiting beliefs that create undesired patterns in your life
  • Practices to immediately shift your energy in alignment with what you desire
  • Tools to make conscious creation a part of your everyday life


Do you have the sense that when you’re in a bad mood or just feeling heavy, everything seems to get harder – problems seem to mount, family needs become heavier, money issues arise, it can feel like an achievement just to get through the day?

On the other hand, do you sense that when you feel light and free, things are in the flow – opportunities present themselves, solutions become easier, your needs are available with less effort on your part?

This is the Law of Attraction in effect. The state of your inner energy effects your outer reality.  More than ever, it is becoming apparent that our state of being affects the reality we experience.

Would you like to put the principles of the Law of Attraction and Conscious Manifestation to use for you in your life?


What kind of life would you create?

Most of time we are unconsciously getting in and out of “the flow”. This is called default mode. Default mode is allowing deep-seated beliefs to run our lives. You may not even consciously agree with these beliefs. Yet, they show up as unpleasant parts of life repeating themselves over and over again.

You may wonder why you constantly attract relationships with certain power struggle dynamics, or can’t get ahead with your finances, or just feel like you are not living your authentic life in your job and in your body.

You don’t have to be at the mercy of your job, relationships, financial situations or even your body’s health. With easy and simple practices, you can shift your energy field and thus have an effect on the reality you are experiencing.

It’s fun and empowering to see how your conscious intention can bring your desired outcomes. All the while, you feel better because you are focusing on love and what brings you passion.

The beauty is that these principles can be applied to all parts of life. So whether you want to attract a new relationship, heal the one you are in, create a nourishing livelihood – the sky is the limit of what you can create when you put some simple practices into action.

Over the last 15 years I’ve taken several courses on the subjects of conscious manifestation and the connection between the mind, body and energy field. This course has been inspired by my own experiences and use of the principles of the Law of Attraction and Conscious Manifestation. I’m a very practical person, so I’ve designed this course to give you the information you need to understand the processes and put them into action immediately in your life. You don’t have to do more or be more to create the life you deserve, you already have the resources within you. It takes a bit of focus and tenacity, but over time, I know you can create a reality that feels nourishing and wholesome to you in every way.

Course Content:


  • Introduction to Manifesting Gold

Module 1 – Conscious Creation vs. Default Mode

  • What is Manifestation
  • How we Create our Reality

Module 2 – Strategies of Conscious Creation

  • Create your Vision Now
  • Re-programming your Subconscious Mind

Bonus Lessons to be added!

Course Materials:

Manifesting Gold Vision Sheet PDF

This is an organized guideline for you to get clear about how you want to feel in the most prominent areas of life.

Manifesting Gold Action Steps PDF

This is a beautiful reminder sheet of strategies you can use to align your field with your heart’s desires. You can print it out and have it handy for those times when you need a helpful reminder.

Manifesting Gold 20 minute Downloadable Meditation

This meditation is designed to elevate your field in the best way to send forth your intentions for your Heart’s Desires. You will be guided to quiet the mind, consciously generate heartfelt emotions and then feel into your Heart’s Desires for their manifestation.

More about the Course:

This is a free-form course, meaning you can jump from lesson to lesson and come back to each as you wish. It also has lifetime access, meaning that once you sign up, you will have access as long as this website is available and will include any bonus material added.  Total video time is 86 minutes.


Course Content

Module 1 - Conscious Creation vs. Default Mode
Module 2 - Strategies of Conscious Creation